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Iris Diorama
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Twelve — Time & Space
First things first, I'm posting writing updates on tumblr and also ramble quite a bit about my writing adventures on my personal journal.

Je sais que j'ai un nombre incalculable de wips en cours, dont certains intouchés depuis, arhem, trop longtemps. Du coup, je précise dans ce post les fics sur lesquelles je travaille en ce moment. Comme ça, vous savez d'avance à quoi vous attendre. Sinon, je ne posterai pas de nouveaux wips avant d'avoir fini ceux-là, parce que j'en ai déjà trop. Now, since I'm someone who have much more wips than advised, I'm making this post to keep you updated about what I'm working on on the moment, and if I've got some projects going on (like for a big bang or gift exchange). It doesn't mean that the rest are in hiatus, just that they aren't my priority right now, but I'm definitely gonna finish them all, one day.

More informations hereCollapse )
12th-Feb-2016 05:29 am - - [Doctor Who][G] Watch me run
Clara — Heirloom
Part of the Cuckoo Clock verse
Can be read as a stand-alone

Rating: G
Pairings: Clara & Twelve. Jack Harkness & Clara.

Spoilers/warnings: Spoilers for Face the Raven/Hell bent.

Summary: The Doctor would run to her, Clara would run from him. The universe needed them to be separeted, so run she would. Run like he did, with a companion at her side.

Author’s notes: For the prompt “Fine” on who_contest. I've watch the last episodes of series 9 recently and let's say I'm extremely pleased and inspired. The prompt was just perfect for what I had in mind.

She couldn't run to her Doctor but there was another one who was a bit of a Doctor she could run toCollapse )
16th-Jan-2015 06:36 am - [Doctor Who][G] First page
Clara — Heirloom
Part of the Cuckoo Clock verse
Can be read as a stand-alone

Rating: G
Pairings: Jack/Eleven, Jack/Clara, Jack/Eleven/Clara, plenty of Eleven & Clara feelings (or Eleven/Clara if you squint your eyes). All of that in the background though.

Spoilers/warnings: None.

Summary: 101 places to see wasn't only a dream to pursue. It often felt like the book was the thread of her life, a gift from Clara's mom to encourage her to go further in life.

Author’s notes: Not a prompt fic for once. I haven't written anything for months now and it was time to do something about it. Since I wasn't really motivated at writing a new text, I took a draft that needed heavy editing and rewrote it. For once, the focus is Clara. Also, it's entirely full character study. And yes, Star Wars references!

She had let go of page one years ago, it was time to let go of the restCollapse )
29th-Jul-2014 03:55 pm - [Doctor Who][M] Allegretto
Eleven — Reading
Part of the Cuckoo Clock verse
Can be read as a stand-alone

Rating: M
Pairings: Jack/Eleven, Jack/Clara, Jack/Eleven/Clara, Eleven/Clara (it's more like Eleven & Clara though)

Spoilers/warnings: Set after Day of the Doctor for the Doctor and Clara. Future!Jack. Smut.

Summary: "No, he’s not jealous. He’s merely being childish. He feels excluded, which is stupid because sex isn’t what he’s searching for and Clara will kick Jack out of her room when they’ll be finished. The captain will be back with him by the end of the night cycle. But to be honest, he’d rather keep him to himself: Jack is an excellent cuddle-bag and, the Doctor must admit, he doesn’t like to have to share the attention."

Author’s notes: written for the prompt Trapped on wintercompanion I really wanted a threesome Jack/Eleven/Clara, but there weren't any around, so here is it. It was supposed to be only smut, and rather short. Jack and the Doctor wouldn't cooperate, again. Things got out of hand, again. The writing is very different than what I'm used to but I hope you'll like it anyway.

He never liked not being the centre of attentionCollapse )
Mordin — Nerdy
Characters: Garrus, Tali
Genre: Humor, action/adventure
Disclaimer: the Ghost is mine
Notes: For the prompt “Ghost” on 52_challenge and the Matchmaker challenge on card_writing

Timeline: ME3, after Priority: Rannoch
Summary: The Ghost, they called them, since nobody could seem to succeed in tracing the guy's id informations, even when nobody seemed to be able to shut up about their impressive battle achievements. Garrus couldn't say he wasn't excited that Shepard had sent Tali and him on a mission where they'd have to team up with them.

This couldn't be possibleCollapse )
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